The Toothless Wonder

This is a story of Neily.  It was a cool fall morning and my wife and I were out for a run.  On our way home we saw this little yorkie on the street.  Being a veterinarian has many strange attachments, one being you know most of the dogs in the neighborhood.  This was the case for me and I said to my wife did someone move into the neighborhood with a yorkie.  She told me no one new had moved in.

Thus my veterinarian brain said this dog must be lost.  We picked here up and took her home.  She was an older but very cute little girl.  She did however have very bad breath. Well, we set to work on finding out who the owner was. We did all the usual approaches, asked neighbors, put up a sign, called vet hospitals and shelters.  We listed her in the local newspaper.  Following a few days later we get a call from California, it was a daughter of an elderly couple living in our area that had lost their dog.

We were able to reunite the family and got to know them a little better.  They were a very elderly couple and this little dog had been escaping a lot, they were having a hard time keeping track of her.  My wife, to my surprise said,” if you need help let us know.” Now this is a surprise because my wife is not a real big pet fan.  (I know she married a Veterinarian).  The couple asked us if we wanted her and my wife and I said yes.

Well we took this sweet little girl home, they gave us the food they had been feeding her and it was very soft kibble and bites.  A food not so healthy for this older gale.  I looked in her mouth and it was like a swear.  The smell was there as well.  Now that I owned the dog I took her into my hospital and we did a dental, if you can call it that.  Dogs generally have 42 tooth as adults. This sweek old grandma of a dog had 12 teeth left and they were all so wiggle I was able to pull them all with my fingers.

Once her gums were healed, she was able to eat hard food.  She would gum it and then swallow.  Her tongue would hang out to the left and she was a happy little trooper for a few more years.  Thus this toothless wonder was able to enjoy life, food and bringing joy into our family.

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