The Simple Truth About Pet Nutrition

The right balance of nutrients brings out your pet’s best.

Good nutrition isn’t just about the ingredients – it’s about the right balance of nutrients. Feeding a pet food that has an improper nutritional balance can lead to or worsen a wide range of health issues.

The right level of nutrients, including antioxidants, promotes good health, which impacts your pet’s life expectancy and quality of life. The nutritional needs change with age, so transitioning to the right food when your dog or cat enters a new lifestage, typically at age 1, 5, or 7, can help meet your pet’s changing nutritional requirements.

Puppies and Kittens can benefit from added DHA for healthy brain and vision development.

Adult Pets need controlled fat and calories to promote optimal body condition.

Mature Adult Pets require controlled levels of sodium, calcium, and phosphorus for long-term organ health.

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