Obesity 3

How can I get my pet to exercise more?

Walking is a great low-impact way to get some exercise. Even if it is just a loop around the block once or twice a day, it will benefit the pets and their human companions alike. As the weight comes off, you should see that they can go a little farther and farther on their walks. If they like to chase a ball, play tug-o-war with a toy or chase a flashlight, we can encourage these activities. There are a variety of puzzle balls on the market for both dogs and cats. They can be filled with food or treats so that the pet has to push them around to get the food to fall out. This helps pets slow down and take their time while they are eating, while giving them a little exercise.

How can I get my cat to exercise more?

It can be difficult to get cats to exercise, especially indoor only cats. As mentioned before, you can try a puzzle ball designed for cats and feed them this way. Initially, you want to make it easy for the kibbles to fall out so they are rewarded quickly. As they get better at it, you can make it more difficult so they have to push it around for longer. If it’s too difficult in the beginning, they tend to lose interest. Try a variety of toys to see if the kitty is interested in any of them. Some cats will chase laser pointers. Most cats love to climb, so putting a cat tree in your house may encourage exercise as they jump up and down from it. Placing a bird feeder outside a window can also keep them more active and interested in their environment. Feeding measured meals is very important. I recommend feeding the cat in a room at the other end of the house or in a room on a different floor so the kitty has to exercise just to get to the food bowl.

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