“Fabulous! This is my new vet as I moved to the area last year. I saw Dr. Tony and he was awesome! He gave me several different options to try with my fur baby and his foot. He gave me lots of good information and let me decide what to do. My Gambit is doing so well and his foot is almost completely clear! So glad I have found an awesome new vet!”

– Desiree Robinson 

“Dr. DaSilva is absolutely amazing! She’s one of those people you know grew up dreaming of being a veterinarian, walking around with a stethoscope in her hand checking her dogs heartbeat. We just love her! All of the staff, reception and technicians, we’ve met are all wonderful. The entire clinic is spotless, the rooms are big enough for your pet to run around in and the staff is very knowledgeable and will take their time to answer your questions and educate you. Excellent animal hospital!!”

– Stacy Knight

“Took my little dog in. Usually he does not like others to hold him but he did awesome with them. They all were really caring & gentle. The Dr was really good & spoke in language you can understand, didn’t try to do tests that she felt was not a major necessity at the time. The staff that I met was very compassionate & caring. You can tell they really care.”


– K S Layne

“The staff is super friendly & really take care of the animals & their humans. Have been with them a few years. Recently was my dog’s first visit and he was a mix of curiosity & noncompliance. But everyone he worked with loved on him so much & was so patient he quickly settled in. The Dr.’s & techs really take time to eliminate causes & do the least invasive first. Definitely recommend!”


– Malayna Pedersen