“I just lost my older dog in September. He had been seeing Dr Toniolli since I got him in October of 2006. I can say without a doubt that antelope animal hospital is one of the best in Utah!! I have been taking my second dog there since we got him in 2011. Both dogs love the staff and my younger dog actually whined today when they left the room even for a moment. Dr Toniolli knows me very well, remembers my hobbies, my career, etc. He is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pets, I wonder sometimes how he remembers everything!! I highly recommend this vet to anyone in the area!!”

– Chris Hunt

All of the staff, reception and technicians, we’ve met are all wonderful. The entire clinic is spotless, the rooms are big enough for your pet to run around in and the staff is very knowledgeable and will take their time to answer your questions and educate you. Excellent animal hospital!!”

– Stacy Knight

“I had a difficult situation with my sweet kitty where we had to put him down because of the pain he was in. The doctor answered so many questions over several months and always explained things well. The gals in the front were understanding and so sweet to me when the day came and I was struggling. They gave me a pawprint momento to keep in my house and the doctor who helped me sent a personal card in the mail. Gentle and kind, great support from this office during our hard time. I am very grateful and will be returning when we feel ready for a new pet. Thank you!”


– Anne-Marie Windhorst

“Antelope Animal Hospital was so caring and understanding when our 21 year old cat became ill. They did what they could to keep her comfortable in the end. Sadly we had to euthanize or Cat due to an aggressive cancer. The staff was so friendly, kind and patient with us. Their euthanasia was inexpensive. We got our cats remains back in a timely matter… and in a beautifully personalized cedar box. I highly recommend Antelope Animal Hospital.”


– Anita martinez